Staff Performance of Administrator Performance - School Principal

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Establishes a safe, collaborative and supportive culture     
Is proactive in communicating the vision and goals of the school or district to school staff and all stakeholders     
Maintains open lines of communication with teachers and staff     
Consistently seeks and/or creates opportunities that engage the school community in activities that support teaching and learning     
Treats staff members in a professional and respectful manner     
Maintains a good working relationship with parent and community support groups     
Supports staff in their relationships and communications with parents     
Is visible on campus during the school day     
Interacts with students in a positive and supportive manner     
Supports extra-curricular activities     
Strives to ensure discipline policies are handled effectively and fairly     
Encourages professional growth through the use of teacher learning goals and provides opportunities for professional development     
Creates structure opportunities for instructional staff to develop leadership skills     
Organizes time effectively and is able to prioritize responsibilities for self and others     
Seeks input from all stakeholders and takes all perspectives into consideration when making decisions     
Strives to continuously improve leadership skills through professional development, self-reflection, and utilization of input from others     
Encourages opportunities for instructional staff to routinely engage in techniques to review performance data     
Leads staff to align the school curriculum and instruction with Idaho standards     
Is knowledgeable about and encourages the use of technology     
Provides formative and summative evaluation feedback to teachers to assist them with professional growth     
Visits classrooms on a regular basis     
Organizes and participates in staff development activities that are held at the school     
Prioritizes student learning     
Represents the school district in a positive manner     
Holds regularly scheduled and purposeful staff meetings     
Decisively responds to situations concerning the safety and well being of staff and students     
Has a clear understanding of the building level budget process     
Administers school and district policies in a fair and consistent manner     
Responds to teacher concerns in a timely manner     
Respects and models confidentiality     
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