• Contact the District Office or Preston Marcroft for more information on these projects and to obtain a minor project bid form.

    Upcoming Projects Open for Bid


    Project Title: Security Fence

    Project Description: Installation of approximately 67 feet of fence and a 16-foot gate


    1. The work shall include labor required to construct the project described.
    2. The contractor will be required to maintain Contractors Liability Insurance. A certificate of insurance will be required prior to any work being done.
    3. The contractor will be required to coordinate the work with Preston Marcroft, from the Mackay School District.
    4. All work is to be accomplished within 20 calendar days from receipt of an approved bid. Failure to perform the work within this established time period will be grounds for withholding an appropriate amount of the compensation as damages for the delay.
    5. If required, contracts and specialty contractors must have a Public Works Contractors license as suitable for work to be accomplished on this contract.

    Required: _____ Yes   ___x__ No

    1. The contractor agrees to pay all state sales and use taxes.


    Please submit bids or requests for more information to Preston Marcroft at presmarc@mackayschools.org or Albert Willman at albewill@mackayschools.org